Procura Alternative: Prioritising Local Support

In an industry that’s evolving at breakneck speed, one recent development stands out: Procura, a division of Complia Health, has been acquired by AlayaCare, a global provider of healthcare software. 

This acquisition raises important questions for care providers seeking the right software solution. One such question is how the newly globalised Procura-AlayaCare compares with a software that has been, and more importantly, will continue to be, locally developed and updated to comply with Australian government legislation and compliance requirements – Nightingale Software.

Nightingale: An Australian Story

Originating as a part of the ANSON Management Consulting brand in 2015, Nightingale Software boasts a legacy of understanding and serving the needs of Australian community service providers. With ANSON’s two-decade-long engagement with Western Australian service providers, Nightingale has enjoyed a privileged position when it comes to grasping the nuances of consumer-directed care.

Through extensive sector consultation and on-ground testing, Nightingale has created a positive impact on providers across Australia. We cherish the trust our clients place in us, and we’re continually energised by the fantastic feedback we receive.

We understand that funding regimes are subject to frequent reviews, and changes in government, policy, law, and competitive forces require care providers to operate in a constant state of change. Instead of resisting change, we embrace it. Our commitment ensures that Nightingale remains current, relevant, and effective, maximising the return on your investment today and into the future.

Nightingale Software, an Australian-bred solution, is purpose-built for the NDIS, Aged Care, and Allied Health markets. With its roots firmly planted in understanding and serving the local community service providers, Nightingale adapts to the evolving sector dynamics, catering to the needs of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers, and acting as a trusted partner for Home Care Providers amidst ongoing aged care reforms. It combines a rich suite of tools to manage resource allocation, support scheduling, care management, invoicing, and Home Care Package management, thereby enabling care providers to concentrate on their primary goal: delivering excellent care for their clients.

Nightingale’s comprehensive feature set offers unparalleled support to manage both clients and staff, operational workflows, and financial transactions, coupled with a user-friendly mobile app for staff and clients alike. From smart rostering tools, live funding usage tracking, powerful case note systems, automated rostering, in-built award interpretation, to robust operations management tools including incident tracking workflows and custom forms builder, Nightingale puts an organisation’s efficiency at the forefront. The software also offers finance management features such as automatic PRODA claims reconciliation, finance and payroll platform integrations, and automated client billing and claiming. With a steadfast commitment to onboarding, implementation, and 24/7 local support, Nightingale offers a range of services, including online courses, video tutorials, webinars, and a fully featured Knowledge Base. Nightingale stands as a holistic software solution that not only simplifies operations but also adapts to the changes and challenges inherent to the care services industry.

How to Choose

As we have witnessed in the recent acquisition of Procura by AlayaCare, businesses in our industry are in a constant state of flux. While these changes often bring new technologies and broader global networks, they can also lead to a focus on the larger picture, sometimes at the expense of understanding and catering to local needs and compliance requirements.

With the acquisition, Procura is becoming part of a larger, global entity, which may result in a broader, more global perspective. However, there may also be a risk that Procura’s software might not be as quickly or comprehensively updated to align with the rapidly changing local Australian legislation and compliance requirements.

This is where Nightingale, with our local focus and commitment to staying abreast of Australian legislative changes, offers a significant advantage. Our mission is to ensure that our software continues to remain compliant with Australian regulations. We understand the local Australian context and are committed to updating Nightingale in line with local legislative and compliance changes. Our team works hard to ensure that our clients always have the most up-to-date, compliant software at their fingertips, mitigating risks and promoting operational efficiency.

In a world where global entities often overlook the local nuances of aged care and NDIS services, Nightingale stands out with its firm roots in Australian soil, its commitment to adaptability, and its provider-centric approach. We invite providers to experience Nightingale’s unique blend of local understanding, continual relevance, and unwavering support.

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