About Nightingale

Nightingale was built ‘from the ground up’ in close cooperation with a number of Community Sector organisations, and first launched in in 2015. Initially Nightingale was built to address the needs of organisations transitioning to the NDIS which at that time was in ‘Trial’ state. Since then Nightingale’s functionality has grown rapidly to cover all aspects of Client-directed care including disability care (including Supported Independent Living and Supported Employment), aged care, mental health and allied health services.


Nightingale Software was originally a division of ANSON Management Consulting before being established as its own company (Aviary Corp Pty. Ltd trading as Nightingale Software) in 2018.


Nightingale continues to grow very strongly and now has over 150 organisations (both ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’) all over Australia as our Customers. Our head office is in Perth, and we also have staff located on the East Coast to support our Customers in their time zones.



Our Capabilities and Investment

Nightingale is an ‘Enterprise Grade’ system suitable for organisations of many hundreds or thousands of staff – but is also very scalable, and so is also used by many small organisations. As such Nightingale is one of the leading software solutions for the Community Services sector.


Nightingale’s breadth of functionality means that the Nightingale software system can meet virtually all the Client, Staff and Resource Management needs of organisations providing a variety of services to their clients and with a variety of funding models.


Our Nightingale Product Roadmap is based on Customer feedback together with our proactive anticipation of needs and opportunities, and this drives our investment to keep Nightingale at the forefront in meeting Customer’s needs.



Change. Always change.

We know that funding regimes are always under review and that shifts in government, policy, law, practices, and ongoing external competitive forces mean operating within a constant state of change. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that Nightingale remains fresh, relevant and current so you get the most from your investment. Now and into the future.



Your Success

We recognise that successful implementation of a new software system is of critical importance to our Customers, and one of our key differentiators is our proven, structured Implementation process to ensure your success. We offer all the services required to successfully implement the Nightingale System in your organisation – including scoping and needs analysis, custom configurations, data migration from existing systems, integrations with other systems (e.g. finance systems, HR systems) staff training, ‘go-live’ planning and readiness reviews and ‘post go live’ hyper-support. We also provide ‘post implementation’ reviews to ensure complete success for your organisation.


We also recognise that some of our Customers may need supplementary support inside their own organisation to prepare for such implementation projects (e.g. organisational consulting, change planning and management, and HR support). As such we retain our partnership with ANSON Management Consulting which has been providing such supplementary services to Community Service providers for over 20 years.

What’s in a name?

Nightingale was named after Florence Nightingale — nurse, statistician and pioneer.

She was someone whose compassion set her apart from others, and whose innovations prompted revolutionary change in the nursing profession.

We have a long history of association with the community services sector, and the ethos of a cooperative approach to making a real positive difference in our society is deeply ingrained in all our Nightingale team members.

One of our goals is to assist as many Community Services organisations as possible to benefit from the efficiencies, quality and compliance enhancements, cost savings and client service improvements that digital transformations can bring. We know by doing this we will also help ensure your clients get the best possible service.

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