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Can our mobile workforce access Nightingale on the road?

Yes, our Nightingale Staff App (Nightingale Companion), designed for exactly that purpose, comes standard. Supported on virtually any smartphone or tablet, it works online and offline. You can use a range of Nightingale functions and there’s the ability to upload photos and video to facilitate incident reporting.

How long does Nightingale’s installation take?

Installation times vary according to your organisation size and number of Nightingale elements. Installation advice and estimated timeline is included in your customised quote.

We’ve developed a lot of specialised forms. Can Nightingale accommodate them all?

Yes. One of Nightingale’s big advantages is how it works with your organisation to fit your needs. Our easy-to-use form builder accommodates your specific documentation requirements.

How long does training take? Does it cost extra?

Training for your team is built into the price. Once we’ve installed Nightingale and tested integration with your systems, we arrange staff training and also give them access to our Nightingale University online learning portal. The number and type of training sessions will vary depending on your staff group, their location and availability.

Our Customers tell us that Nightingale really is easy to use, however we’re available to offer support if anyone gets stuck. We offer a number of tech support options including 24/7 phone support.

Can we integrate Nightingale with our finance and other systems?

Nightingale is flexible and fits with your current systems as much as possible and we have proven integrations with a lot of popular systems. Depending on your systems, it’s possible some custom configuration will be needed. It’s best to talk with us about this so we can provide the best advice right from the start.

Which funding systems are compatible with Nightingale?

Originally designed for NDIS and WANDIS functionality, Nightingale has been successfully communicating with the NDIS online portal since the start, giving you absolute confidence on meeting expectations for client support plans, outcomes, goals, financial reporting, invoice data and case notes.

Because of its flexibility, we adapted Nightingale to be fully compliant with My Aged Care and we integrate with the DEX reporting system.

What happens if we need out of hours support?

Once you’re up and running on Nightingale, we provide online support plus we offer a number of tech support options including 24/7 phone support. All support is provided by our own fully trained team. We don’t use sub-contractors.

How safe is our data?

Keeping your data safe and private is one of our main priorities and Nightingale Software is independently certified to international standard ISO27001 for Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection. All data is hosted by Microsoft Azure which ensures:

  • All data remains in Australia
  • 100% data encryption, compliant with Australian Government Signals Directorate standards for cloud security
  • Highly resilient with enterprise grade cloud servers – duplicated in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Three-hourly back-ups, kept for at least 30 days
  • Embedded audit trail for virtually every transaction
Which platforms, browsers and operating systems does Nightingale work with?

Nightingale is designed to work in a variety of browsers and operating systems. To date, they include: Windows; Linux; Mac devices running Safari, Edge, Firefox or Chrome browsers, as long as the versions are post-2016.

The Nightingale mobile apps work on Windows, Ioand Android Mobile smart devices. Please note that the screen size of your device may impact user experience.

Can we get new features developed?

We’re committed to ensuring that Nightingale remains, fresh, relevant and current so our team is happy to talk through any features you need.

If it’s a specialised feature, primarily for your organisation, there may be a cost associated with development.

If multiple customers identify a requirement to support emerging practice or any regulatory changes, we’ll look into building it.

What are Nightingale’s usage terms and conditions?

We supply terms and conditions as part of your sign-up process,teams so you’ll have plenty of time to review.

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