Staff Management

  • Automated rostering: Leveraging staff competencies and availability, staff and client locations, specific client preferences and any other user definable criteria, Nightingale’s automated rostering tools take the guess work and fruitless staff communication out of the rostering process
  • In-built award interpretation: Working in tandem with our automated rostering functions, be alerted to overtime cost issues as you roster in real-time, rather than knowing only when it’s payroll time. Simply alter shifts accordingly with a few clicks.
  • Automated timesheets – no longer is a separately completed time sheet required by staff. Each shift when completed (and case noted if your internal policy requires it) automatically flows to payroll for payment or line management for approval. The choice and control of timesheet processes are determined by you.
  • Leave management: Nightingale provides tools for staff to easily input leave requests, have them approved and flow through to re-allocating previously rostered shifts to other staff.
  • Staff competencies: Nightingale offers centralised recording and management of any staff competency your organisation requires. From formal police clearance or qualifications, to informal such as interests to improve client matching. And all with the ability to set expiry alerts and even prevent non-compliant rostering in the event a competency has expired.
  • Shift bidding: As part of Nightingale’s ongoing quest to reduce administration and operational management burden, our shift bidding feature will dramatically simplify the shift change offer and acceptance process.