Operations Management

  • Live funding usage tracking: Live funding usage graphs with traffic light colour coding making ‘quick glance’ tracking of client funding a breeze. Using the alerts ensures you don’t roster a service for which your client no longer has funds to afford.
  • Incident tracking workflows and reporting: Incident tracking and reporting with user customisable form and workflow functionality ensuring issues are documented easily and with approval details, resolution and reporting carried out within timeframes. Automatic alerts and action reminders give further compliance assurance
  • Custom forms and case note builder: Custom forms and case note builder that is simple to build or customise to your own specific requirements. Add in workflows and alerts and the option of availability on the mobile app.
  • NDIS Travel & Transport supported: NDIS Travel & Transport recording and automation tools are built into Nightingale to allow your specific set up to support your expense reimbursement and client billing policies. Set-ups can have defaults pre-set with the ability to override with appropriate delegation.
  • Resource management: Resources (vehicles, equipment, accommodation) can be set up in Nightingale to support almost any organisational asset. From items as small as tablets or data projectors to rooms or entire buildings, each can be managed efficiently and effectively
  • Workflows: Choose from pre-built or custom workflows, approvals and alerts that help automate operational processes. No need for spreadsheets or manual work arounds, Nightingale can support your compliance and efficiency goals.