Onboarding, Implementation & Support


  • Option A: Implementation Scoping Study (ISS): For more complex businesses, our experts lead you through Nightingale’s proven, rapid-execution implementation methodology. We thoroughly examine your existing infrastructure so you can ensure Nightingale fits your team and your workflows for optimal success.
  • Option B: Turn-Key Implementation: For less complex businesses, import your data and use our default workflows and organisation settings to suit your industry segment. Stay supported with one-on-one time with a Nightingale implementation specialist for best-practice advice


  • Nightingale University: Lifetime access to quick, practical courses to learn everything you need to know about success with Nightingale. 100% free and online, covering dozens of topics.
  • 24/7 support available: Choose support packages that suit you. Channels include email, phone and/or our online ticketing system. Our team will take care of you, and all in local time.
  • Fully featured Knowledge Base: A smart knowledge base for self-serve guides and documentation. Searchable from within the Nightingale web app — get instant answers to your questions.
  • Video tutorials and webinars: Get hands-on initial training to hit the ground running, then use
    our refresher training videos and webinars to continue your learning.

Finance Management

  • Automatic PRODA claims reconciliation: Take the guess work and administration burden out of reconciling your PRODA rejections. Nightingale can import your rejections and locate the errors, allowing you to correct and resubmit for payment with ease.
  • Finance and payroll platform integrations: Automate the flow of information minimising errors and process delays. Connect Nightingale with MYOB, Xero, Reckon, Quickbooks, KeyPay, or almost any other piece of software with an available API.
  • Automated client billing and claiming: Automatic client billing and claiming is a core Nightingale workflow allowing the option to bill for services as soon as the service has been completed. Maximise your cashflow with built in billing automation tools.
  • Powerful reporting (in-built and custom): Reporting (in-built and custom) is available throughout Nightingale. Any collection of data can be viewed within the system or exported in a range of useful formats. Built in reports are also produced automatically with every custom form you create, which can also serve as your register for compliance purposes. A powerful report builder is available for exploring the data within Nightingale to an even deeper level.


Compatible with and supported for:

Operations Management

  • Live funding usage tracking: Live funding usage graphs with traffic light colour coding making ‘quick glance’ tracking of client funding a breeze. Using the alerts ensures you don’t roster a service for which your client no longer has funds to afford.
  • Incident tracking workflows and reporting: Incident tracking and reporting with user customisable form and workflow functionality ensuring issues are documented easily and with approval details, resolution and reporting carried out within timeframes. Automatic alerts and action reminders give further compliance assurance
  • Custom forms and case note builder: Custom forms and case note builder that is simple to build or customise to your own specific requirements. Add in workflows and alerts and the option of availability on the mobile app.
  • NDIS Travel & Transport supported: NDIS Travel & Transport recording and automation tools are built into Nightingale to allow your specific set up to support your expense reimbursement and client billing policies. Set-ups can have defaults pre-set with the ability to override with appropriate delegation.
  • Resource management: Resources (vehicles, equipment, accommodation) can be set up in Nightingale to support almost any organisational asset. From items as small as tablets or data projectors to rooms or entire buildings, each can be managed efficiently and effectively
  • Workflows: Choose from pre-built or custom workflows, approvals and alerts that help automate operational processes. No need for spreadsheets or manual work arounds, Nightingale can support your compliance and efficiency goals.

Mobile Application

​Staff Mobile App:

  • One-tap shift attendance
  • In-app messaging and alerts
  • Start and stop shifts with geo-location
  • Type or dictate case notes
  • View or complete custom case notes
  • View fortnightly roster details
  • View client information
  • Shift bidding

Client & Family App:

  • Roster visibility and change requests
  • Complete custom forms within the app
  • See live funding status
  • View client-specific case notes
  • In-app messaging and alerts

Staff Management

  • Automated rostering: Leveraging staff competencies and availability, staff and client locations, specific client preferences and any other user definable criteria, Nightingale’s automated rostering tools take the guess work and fruitless staff communication out of the rostering process
  • In-built award interpretation: Working in tandem with our automated rostering functions, be alerted to overtime cost issues as you roster in real-time, rather than knowing only when it’s payroll time. Simply alter shifts accordingly with a few clicks.
  • Automated timesheets – no longer is a separately completed time sheet required by staff. Each shift when completed (and case noted if your internal policy requires it) automatically flows to payroll for payment or line management for approval. The choice and control of timesheet processes are determined by you.
  • Leave management: Nightingale provides tools for staff to easily input leave requests, have them approved and flow through to re-allocating previously rostered shifts to other staff.
  • Staff competencies: Nightingale offers centralised recording and management of any staff competency your organisation requires. From formal police clearance or qualifications, to informal such as interests to improve client matching. And all with the ability to set expiry alerts and even prevent non-compliant rostering in the event a competency has expired.
  • Shift bidding: As part of Nightingale’s ongoing quest to reduce administration and operational management burden, our shift bidding feature will dramatically simplify the shift change offer and acceptance process.

Client Management

  • Live funding usage tracking: Easy to read graphical representation of client funding statuses, including what has been used and what remains. Updates when services are rostered and again when delivered.
  • Client & Family App: Powerful yet easy to use communication and messaging tool for your clients. Allow them to see their roster and funding status, request service changes and complete forms (within the system, no emails required)
  • Smart rostering tools​: Leverage information in Nightingale such as your staff’s gender or their interests, combine with the specific preferences your clients have for their preferred support staff and ensure your clients get the service they want from the staff they know and connect with. No longer do you need to rely on your rostering staff knowing and remembering your clients preferences, Nightingale’s automation tools can do that for you
  • Strong privacy protections in-built: The safety and security of your clients’ private information is paramount. With various permission and security options throughout Nightingale, you can ensure that nobody sees data they shouldn’t see. Added to this, Nightingale is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud located in Sydney and Melbourne, so no data is stored outside of Australia.
  • Waitlist management: Tools to help you track potential clients. No more spreadsheets or contacts in email. Alerts, reporting, user definable statuses to match your sales process.
  • Powerful case note system: With intuitive inline follow-ups keeping information together in a
    logical, easy to follow flow. Fully user-customisable including
    alerts, automated workflows and reporting